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Bifrenaria aureo-fulva x harrisoniae 
Photo by Murray Gyde  

Dendrobium lindleyi
Photo by Virginia Carter


Contributing Artists

 Artists whose work was selected for inclusion in this publication are featured in the Contributing Artist pages of the book. The contributing artists for Orchids Through Our Eyes, in alphabetical order, include: Louis Aszod, Tim Balgos, Aaron Brothers, Bruce B. Brown, Valerie L. Burnes, Virginia (Gin) Carter, Jason Chang, Clint M. Dawley, Murray Gyde, Cindy R. Hicks, Dr. Hiep-Hoa T. Nguyen, Lynda Schwemmer, and Diane Suprock.

Below is a photo of the front and back cover of the book with the UPC symbol and ISBN number. Rear cover photo by Diane Suprock. - Front cover photo by Jason Chang.




Cover of Orchid Through Our Eyes