Orchid Photo Book  
Book available for sale: NOW 2007  
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"Stunning original photography" & "Humorously and thoughtfully presented growing instructions" make this volume a must have for orchid novices and experts alike.

"A celebration of orchid beauty"
not to be missed.

Orchid Photography Book

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Welcome Photographers!

 Welcome! Thank you for visiting Hard Steam Photography. Here you will find information about our newest publication made possible by the generous and talented members of RVO OrchidTalk Forums.     
Orchids Through Our Eyes

ORCHIDS THROUGH OUR EYES is now published and can be purchased at amazon.com or Barnes & Noble among other major book sellers online.

This book is the culmination of many hours spent discussing orchids and their care with people who grow them from places as far away as Vietnam, Australia, and the Philippines-- just to name a few. The photographs found within its pages were taken by members and donated to help support the OrchidTalk forum through the publication and sale of this book. This is, then, a small representation of Orchids Through Our Eyes as photographed by members of the RVO OrchidTalk Forum.

From all submissions received, we selected the very best images that encompassed the largest variety of the orchids we grow and bloom, and included them in this full color publication. Over 80 full page color photographs covering over 40 genera of orchids. This photography book is more than the average coffee table book, it is a unique guide to the mysterious and wonderful orchids found within its pages. (See Book Information for details about the actual book and its construction/ layout.)

Orchids Through Our Eyes is listed in Books In Print, the searchable database that librarians, booksellers, publishers, library patrons and bookstore customers use to find the exact titles they want. This allows the book to be purchased just about anywhere someone might want to order it. To see where the book is listed for sale, click here.


Orchid Image Book


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